We are a company with a drive to succeed in the development of new products in multiple industries.  
STAG Manufacturing Inc.
Design, Development, and Manufacture
We bring product ideas to life.
STAG Manufacturing Inc. a Veteran owned and operated small business.  Our company was formed in an effort to provide customers in different industries with goods and services that meet their needs.

Our customers and product ideas come from a multitude of different industries.  We manufacture products using many different methods of manufacture.  We produce products through injection molding, sewing, metal fabrication, as well as, RF and Sonic Welding processes.  More often than not if there's a need we have the ability and method to satisfy it.

We have a design team that can work with customers from the beginning to the end in most cases.  We use some of the most up to date CAD equipment and software available.  There are times we've found that even our "old school" methods sometimes make the bigger difference in accomplishing great results.  In other words we have been able to remain grounded throughout the years, knowing not always does technology out whit common sense.


STAG Manufacturing Inc.
Products & Industries:

* Military
* Sports/athletic
* Medical
* Law Enforcement
* Camping
* Hiking
* Bicycling
* Out of doors
* Hunting
* Safety
* And many others
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